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YEAR OF THE CAT and TIME PASSAGES AVAILABLE NOW with new expanded packaging presenting complete lyrics, new liner notes and an intro from Al Stewart as well as digitally remastered to sound better than ever. Also available, a new GREATEST HITS compilaton. There is a new release that combines Orange, Past Present Future and Modern Times on 2 CDs. It is available a an import from



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Info from Dave Nachmanoff:

Now Released, the new CD, "Time before the Fall".  This new CD is  a strong collection of songs with subjects ranging from recent historical events like the 1992 LA riots, to the Enron scandal, with Dave Nachmanoff's memorable melodies and virtuosic playing supporting the lyrics and is one of Dave's best!  Also, previously released, "Wordless Rhymes." It is a collection of songs by Al Stewart, interpreted instrumentally and often radically rearranged. Dave's acoustic lead guitar is the main "voice" but there are some wonderful supporting players, including a brief appearance by Al himself playing lead guitar! Now Available.   Price is $20 USD per CD, this includes shipping.  To order, send a check to PO BOX 4111, Davis, CA 95617, with shipping instructions. Continental U.S. orders only.


Dave's New CD!
"Time before the Fall"
"Wordless Rhymes"
"Wordless Rhymes"

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