Legendary Al Stewart

Unlike many contemporary artists, the songs of Al Stewart don't feel or sound like they come with an expiration date. His works exist outside of any time frame.


Artist Bio:

"Past, Present and Future", his first USA release, was the first record Stewart made incorporating historical data, elements of film, literature and current affairs into his lyrics. It became a cult album which has now sold close to a million copies worldwide. His next album, "Modern times", cracked the US top 40 album chart which led to Al and his band touring the United States.



"Year Of The Cat", released in 1976, became Al's first platinum (one million units) album in the United States. It featured two top 20 singles, "Year Of The Cat" and "On The Border". Bouyed by this success, he moved to Loas Angeles and released "Time Passages" in 1978 which also sold platinum and featured the singles "Time Passages" and "Song On The Radio". This period was followed by worldwide tours with his band "Shot In The Dark".





Singer/Song Writer Dave Nachmanoff

Dave grew up surrounded by the active folk scene of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. during the 1960s and 70s, where he was exposed to a variety of musical traditions and was inspired by performers like Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie.

At age 9, Dave wrote his first song - the same year he met the legendary Libba Cotton ("Freight Train") and was invited to accompany her on stage. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, he continued to write and perform, both solo and with several bands the D.C. area, London, and New York City.

As a performer, Dave is full of energy, personality, and fun. His shows  are "family friendly" and appeal to people of all ages and walks of life. Drawing from the best of his East Coast folk heritage, he has a knack for transforming a roomful of passive listeners into active participants. With repertoire of several hundred original songs covering a broad spectrum of topics and musical genres, Dave is able to tailor each concert to his listeners. He backs his songs with virtuoso playing on acoustic guitar and other instruments, and intersperses his concerts with stories of the road and the occasional philosophical insight.




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